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Monday, March 23, 2015

2 Reviews and a Short Interview from Flash Art

Flash Art Pieces

What follows are brief reviews on two artists I enjoy, Anna Sew Hoy and John Knuth. The last article is a short, fun series of questions that Flash Art asked many artists and critics in Los Angeles to Answer.




2 Reviews from Art Review Magazine

I enjoyed each of these shows immensely, and it is too bad that print is so slow and can be hard to find. However, here is a little body of writing to snack on. Thanks for Reading -- Ed

Allora and Calzadilla at Redcat, closed August 24th 

Edgar Arceneaux, close October 18th 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jo Nigoghossian: The Brooklyn Rail

Jo Nigoghossian, New Work
Night Gallery
Closed June 28th

It is my guess that monster in the back of your mind has something to do with the work of Jo Nigoghossian. My thoughts on the matter: